Advertise you property free.

Each week thousands of visitors enter the FPS web site in search of a house. If you are trying to sell your property in France, we can promote it for you and give it instant worldwide visibility. All the contacts generated by your ad are then forwarded to your e-mail immediately.

Our charge for this service £30.00. We will:

  • display your property on FPS
  • you can make any changes to your ad that you find necessary, anytime, as often as you like, for free
  • forward all contact information to you within 1 minute of receipt.

There will not be any extra charges under any circumstance

Create your ad in a few minutes

To add a property we require that you register with us . If you have already registered please login.

All text information is provided to us using the online Add Property form. Fill out the required fields (marked by *) and as many of the optional ones as possible. When you are done, press the 'Next' button.

All photos can be uploaded through the Add Property form and the subsequent form that enables adding rooms, garden outbuildings etc. The photos must be in JPG format. To maintain the speed and efficiency of this web site the server software will resize all photos to the optimum size and resolution upon upload, thumbnail verions of your photos will also be created.

There are no other charges. Typically you would pay a French agent 4-7% commission on the sale of your property.

A word of advice:

There is no limitation in the text size of your ad, nor in the number of pictures or graphical documents that you can display.

We do advise you however to do the following:

  • Keep the text relatively short. By being too specific, you run the risk of turning down people who would otherwise be interested. You want to be complete but there is no need to discuss the colour of the bedroom's wallpaper!
  • Pay EXTRA attention to the quality of the pictures you send. One estate agent who advertises on our site said "success on Internet depends on only two factors: picture and price" and he got it right! If the picture shows that the property is worth its price, you'll have lots of contacts. If it does not, you'll have none. It does not mean that your price has to be low, but if it's not, the visitor has to understand why by looking at the picture.
  • Finally, keep some extra info up your sleeve so that when you get in touch with contacts you are in a position to give them additional information and keep their interest alive.

That's it!

Now that you know all the tricks of the trade, you are ready to tell us about yourself and your property by filling out the registration form. If you are not sure about one of the fields, leave it blank (only the items marked by * are required): once your ad is up and running, you will be able to request all the modifications, additions or suppressions you want!