Letting French Property Successfully

In recent years, thousands of British families or groups of friends have bought a property in France to escape from cold winters and wet summers. For many, their personal use of the property is a source of considerable pleasure. Although by UK standards property price in France are still generally low, and purchase loans are readily available, many potential buyers are discouraged from purchasing French property for two main reasons.

First, they do not want to feel tied down to the same property each year when there are other countries or parts of France to explore. Secondly, their available holiday time is limited to two or three weeks in the summer and, although friends and relatives may occasionally visit the property, it will otherwise remain unoccupied for the rest of the year.

On the other hand, more than 60m tourists visit France each year. This is not a passing phenomenon and with new, improved and cheaper transport links, the demand for self-catering accommodation in France continues to grow from foreign holidaymakers, especially in Britain and northern Europe.

We recommend that you buy a copy of \"Letting French Property Successfully\" which has had excellent reviews. The purpose of this book is to provide a guide to the main practical, legal and tax processes necessary to let your property successfully in France. It explains how, in the short term, the rent you charge might not only cover annual maintenance and other expenses, but also leave you with surplus income to pay for your own holiday. With careful planning, more systematic lettings could also earn you enough income to recover your initial capital outlay and borrowings. You may even decide to buy more property to let as a business!

This book is a very good starting point for anyone looking to gain familiarity with most of the issues, questions to ask and decisions to take when acquiring French property as an investment. The authors have covered each stage of the French property experience from choosing the property through to purchase - financing, how to own, and the legal process itself - on to landlord and tenant issues. There is a readable explanation of French succession law and matters relating to wills. As well as providing input to strategic decisions there is a wealth of detailed support material covering such matters as the risks of unintended agricultural tenancies, licensing in relation to alcohol, and a comprehensive French-English glossary of terms. There is also a series of precedents and a comprehensive chapter dedicated to the taxation of rental income, in both France and the UK, for both individual and corporate owners.

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