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When booking viewings please bear in mind that our agents can be booked some way ahead during peak season. Please let us know as soon as possible when you are going to be in France so we can book our agents time. On meeting an agent at the office they will run through any new properties that meet your criteria before going to view.

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  • property6917.jpg The Tronchet
    Located just three minutes from St Malo golf course. Easy access to Ferry Port of St Malo and Dinard Airport (Ryan Air). ..... Region: BRETAGNE  Department: 35 Ille-et-Vilaine  Town: Le Tronchet Condition: Good  Bedrooms: 
    Price :  €160,500  Ref : FPS6917 send
  • property6916.jpg 10mn from St Malo. Easy access to the Ferry and Airport Dinard (Ryan Air), Easy access to motorways and all shops and services are near by. ..... Region: BRETAGNE  Department: 35 Ille-et-Vilaine  Town: St Malo Condition: Excellent  Bedrooms: 
    Price :  €665,592  Ref : FPS6916 send
  • property6915.jpg Saint-Cast
    Rural 5mn from the sea, easy reach of St Malo ferry port(30min) and Dinard airport (ryan air). All shops and services are just 5min drive as are the beaches. ..... Region: BRETAGNE  Department: 22 Côtes d'Armor  Town: St Cast Le Guildo Condition: Excellent  Bedrooms:  Swimming Pool
    Price :  €648,522  Ref : FPS6915 send
  • property6913.jpg Trefumel, a country setting for this superb property just 15kms from Dinan. Dinard airport (Ryan Air) is just 20 minutes away, St Malo Ferry port is just 30kms. ..... Region: BRETAGNE  Department: 22 Côtes d'Armor  Town: Trefumel Condition: Excellent  Bedrooms: 
    Price :  €1,605,000  Ref : FPS6913 send
  • property6912.jpg Pleudihen Sur Rance : Just 15mn from St Malo Ferry port and 15mn from Dinard airport, country setting within easy reach of shops and services.. ..... Region: BRETAGNE  Department: 22 Côtes d'Armor  Town: Pleudihen Sur Rance Condition: In need of modernisation  Bedrooms: 
    Price :  €373,805  Ref : FPS6912 send
  • property6910.jpg Pleurtuit Just 10mn from Dinard airport (Ryan Air) and 20mn from St Malo Ferry port. Within 5 minutes of village with all shops and services, beaches are close by. ..... Region: BRETAGNE  Department: 35 Ille-et-Vilaine  Town: Pleurtuit Condition: Good  Bedrooms:  Swimming Pool
    Price :  €568,170  Ref : FPS6910 send
  • property6909.jpg La Chapelle Chaussée 30mn from St Malo Ferry port, 40mn from Dinard airport (Ryan Air) and 20mn from Rennes. Country setting shops and services are 5 minutes drive. ..... Region: BRETAGNE  Department: 35 Ille-et-Vilaine  Town: La Chapelle Chaussée Condition: Good  Bedrooms:  Swimming Pool
    Price :  €426,882  Ref : FPS6909 send
  • property6908.jpg Cancale : 20mn from Dinard airport (Ryan Air) 10mn from St Malo Ferry Port, Located in the town famous for its oysters has all shops and services within walking distance
    .. ..... Region: BRETAGNE  Department: 35 Ille-et-Vilaine  Town: Cancale Condition: Very Good  Bedrooms: 
    Price :  €492,200  Ref : FPS6908 send
  • property6903.jpg Between Quimper and Fouesnant
    Close to beaches easy access motorway and airport.. ..... Region: BRETAGNE  Department: 29 Finistère  Town: Quimper Condition: Excellent  Bedrooms:  Swimming Pool
    Price :  €511,575  Ref : FPS6903 send
  • property6902.jpg Located close to Jugon les Lacs, in calm setting surronded by trees, river and lake. Access direct to lake which has carp, pike, trout, and perche. ..... Region: BRETAGNE  Department: 22 Côtes d'Armor  Town: Jugon Les Lacs Condition: Good  Bedrooms: 
    Price :  €288,120  Ref : FPS6902 send
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