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Region: RHÔNE-ALPES  Department: 07 Ardèche Town: Les Nonieres
Property Type: Stone House  Condition: Good 
Rooms:  6   Bedrooms: 2 Bathroom Water Drainage Heating
Land:  Unknown 
Price :  €137 
Ref : FPS7259
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French stone house in a charming village, south of France.

Excellent for summer residence or gite.
Conveniently located in the Ardeche department, between Lamastre (Vallée du doux) and Le Cheylard (Vallée de l’Eyrieux)

A 3 storey house (180 m2) .
On the ground floor living room,kitchen, bathroom. & toilet.
Next level, 2 bedrooms.
Last level to be restored.

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