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Region: FRANCHE-COMTÉ  Department: 70 Haute-Saône Town: Pont Du Bois
Property Type: Stone House  Condition: For light renovation 
Rooms:  12   Bedrooms: 4 Bathroom Water Drainage Heating
Land:  97 Sq Meters
Price :  €80,000 
Ref : FPS7530
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Large stone built family home in Haute Saone, on the border with the Vosges.

The house is the largest in a row of three houses, beside the Canal de L’Est in a very picturesque part of the Haute Saone.

At this moment, the house between our house and the canal is a holiday home for a French family, and the house on the other side has been empty for some time.

The roof and walls (50 cms thick stone walls) are all in excellent condition and main services are connected (water and electricity).

There is a large garden both in front and behind the house, which is currently somewhat wild, but with a bit of TLC would become a very pleasant garden. In the front garden there is a magnificent walnut tree that has more walnuts every year than you could possibly manage to eat… So it would be a case of drying them, bottling them, sending them to your friends abroad……

All the rooms in the house are spacious and light, even the ones in the attic.

The house has a large cellar area, made up of four rooms, two of which are in good repair, the other two need clearing out but are basically in good condition. And generally remain reasonably dry.

On the ground floor there is a kitchen, a bath room a sitting room, serre and a garage oil fired central heating boiler and oil tank are also in the garage.

The first floor consists of four more or less identical rooms, all in reasonable condition.

The top floor has one room that is finished, two that are nearly finished, and one that needs to be cleaned up and plaster boarded to make it useful.

Whilst it is near the village of Pont du Bois, this village is a rather invisible one, so one could say this house is completely rural. The nearest shops are in the relatively nearby town of Vauvillers (about 7 or 8 km away). Other nearby larger towns are St Loup sur Semouse – about 15 km or Epinal in the Vosges, a large town of some 100 000 inhabitants, which is 40 km from this house.

Epinal is also the best point for making connections to the TGV to Paris.

There are motorways within easy reach both to the east and west of the house. The main North South motorways E21 and E27 are each about 40 km from the house, along good provincial roads.

Here is a link to a website with a certain amount of useful information about the immediate area around the house.


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